Friday, February 27, 2015

Joyflips- convert your photo prints to digital memories

Robert Salaverry is my client for whom I made some explainer illustrations some time back.

He has developed an amazing iphone App to store your memories. The App is called Joyflips. The App works through the video camera in your iphone.
You can stack your old printed photos on a table, and then start the video recording of the photos by simply flipping the pics one by one.

There is a video on the official website to show this easy process.

After you have scanned all the pics quit the camera. JoyFlips App will then automatically separate the pics, correct their orientation, color correct them, enhance their quality and make your online album which you can share with your friends and family. They can download it with a click or view your album on their internet browser.

Link below is a completely safe way to get the app now on any iPhone, before it goes to the app store. 

Learn more at:

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