Friday, February 13, 2015

Fixing error while using multiple themes in powerpoint for Mac

While working with Microsoft Powerpoint on Mac

A common problem faced while using multiple themes in a presentation is ...Once you drag the slide from source file to destination file the new slides pick up a theme randomly and mess up the presentation. 

If you are facing this problem then a fix for this is :

While the newly dragged-in slides are still selected you can go the "themes" tab above and "right click" on the desired theme and choose " apply to selected slides". 

Right Click is important step here as normal clicking on theme sometimes doesn't behave the way you want.

However if the destination file doesn't have the master slide of the new slide...then you will have to drag the master slide also from the source file into the master slide section of the destination file.

 And then repeat the same steps ie., :  select slides ---go to themes tab--- choose the appropriate theme (now new master slide will show under themes tab)--- Right Click on the desired theme----choose "Apply to selected slides".

This is the method which works for me all the time.

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