Thursday, February 19, 2015

Designcrowd_ my favourite crowdsourcing website

I stand as no. 1 illustration designer at on this day. It feels good.
But it took over 1400 design entries over a period of 3 years to reach this spot.

Designcrowd is a leading crowdsourcing platform which is a nice way to find projects and new clients. Although their is competition and one doesn't win all the contests.
Infact, if you are a newbee designer and you want to take part in design contests be prepared that half of them will be lost, not because of lack of your talent but because there are different clients with different tastes and needs and they pick what suits them best.

There are many talented designers competing there everyday on hundreds of design contests.
Designcrowd has been one of my favourite crowdsourcing platform since last few years.
I keep checking in for some interesting contest and when I do find one I put in my entry and when I win it gives me a sense of achievement and sometimes I also win returning clients.

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